Womens Yacht Party Outfit

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  • Cool crop tees
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  • Halters
  • Short-shorts & mini skirts
  • Rompers
  • Jumpsuits
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Top 3 Reasons to Shop on Shirlanka’s Website

1. Our prices are among the lowest in Miami. When you’re looking for the hottest new summer or fall trends, you’ll find discounted prices slashed by up to 70%. For the cost of a single outfit from a retail store, you could purchase several complete outfits at Shirlanka. Why spend more on fashion clothing than you have to? See our ‘Sale’ page for even more savings.

2. You’ll turn heads on the boat with a womens yacht party outfit from Shirlanka. Whether you choose a teeny tiny halter or comfortable tee paired with painted-on shorts, you’re going to look great while enjoying some fun in the sun. Might we suggest our Flying Crop Top to bare your best assets?

3. Our website and store location offer one-stop shopping, so you won't have to drive all over Miami to find what you’re looking for. From shoes and slacks to tops and dresses, you’ll never need another source for building the perfect wardrobe. Free shipping allows our customers to purchase a single clothing item or a closet full of outfits without having to worry about added costs at check-out.

4. We sell high-quality brand-name clothing that is always in style. For those warm Miami nights, our soft, skimpy boat dresses will keep you cool. Make the scene in our classic Monica shirt over your best swimsuit and you’ll catch more than fish when you’re out on the water- don’t forget to bring along the sunscreen.

5. Big hats minimize wrinkles- we have many to choose from at Shirlanka. Keep the sun off of your face and neck with our Olas oversized straw-colored hat with black ruffled accents, or for even more protection, choose the Tsunami hat. There’s something for every taste at Shirlanka.

Online or In-Store

Save time by shopping on our website or stop by our Miami location to try on a few outfits. Either way you choose, you’re going to save a lot of money by shopping in our clothing store. Clicking on the ‘Outfits’ link on our homepage and see the hottest styles ready to ship to you. If you see a look you can’t live without, simply click on the picture and shop your favorite styles. Discover how easy Shirlanka’s outfits area on your budget- browse our full collection right now online.

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