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What to wear if you're working from home

What to wear if you're working from home

Are you working from home right now? Apparently, 42% of US workers have set up their desks at home this year. But that doesn't mean you can slack off on your workwear.

There are several good reasons to keep dressing for work. To start with, you never know when your boss is going to demand an unexpected Zoom call - and you don't want to get caught in your PJs!

Many people also find that dressing for work puts them in the right frame of mind. When you're in professional clothes, you're signalling to yourself (and anyone else in the house!) that you're smart, busy and ready to work.

However, since you're working from home, you can afford to relax just a little bit. The trick is to find workwear which looks great and is comfortable to wear. We like these Uma pants, which have a smart black and white stripe - and that all-important elastic waistband. Or if you're looking for a cosy, classy top, try this pale pink Vittoria blouse with its stylish kimono sleeves.

Jumpsuits are also a big look in 2020. They're comfortable, practical and best of all, a complete outfit in one. We recommend this Kara jumpsuit, which has a sophisticated vertical ombre stripe. The high waist and wide leg are achingly modern and easy to wear.

Finally, you can't go wrong with a classic blazer. This Camille set teams a cool white blazer with smart, structured shorts. It's the perfect mix of on-screen style and casual days at home. We can't get enough!

Looking for even more ideas? Check out our Wear to Work collection!

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Yasmin R
How to wear... crop tops

How to wear... crop tops

Crop tops: they're cute, comfortable and effortlessly cool. And you'd be surprised at how many places you can wear them. In this week's blog, we've rounded up 5 of our favorite crop tops for 5 different situations. Have a look and find your fit!

The fashion statement

If you used to watch Sex and the City and think you were Carrie, then this one's for you. Our Flamingo Aquamarine crop top boasts a single shoulder with gorgeous, frothing ruffles. We love the combination of aquamarine with a tropical print, too.

The summer flirt

Looking for something sweet and simple? Here's another single-shouldered crop top, but with a softer look. The Jardin crop top features a gauzy, flowing sleeve and a classic floral pattern. And for the final sensual detail, this top is backless with a long waist tie.

The workwear fashionista

OK, maybe you want something just a little more strait-laced. The Melinda crop top is suitable for all those work Zoom calls, without sacrificing your style. We love the combination of long balloon sleeves with the shoulder cut-outs and modern neckline.

The weekend go-to

This top might just be our favorite. The Tray crop top is about to become your default weekend look. It's a classic black off-the-shoulder crop top, made in a flowing material that falls in tiers to your hips. Seriously: it goes with everything.

The golden party girl

If you're looking for the perfect holiday party outfit... we've got you. This gold crop top is the ultimate in decadence. Made in a bandeau style, it knots across the chest with a single, diagonal shoulder strap. You're sure to shine.

Click the link to check out our full range of blouses and crop tops!

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Yasmin R

Yasmin R
Bodysuits are back  and here is How to wear and style them.

Bodysuits are back and here is How to wear and style them.

Bodysuits: Once an 80s classic, they're now a major trend for 2020. They're comfortable, easy to wear, and give you a sleek silhouette. But what's the best way to wear them?

Bodysuits have been inspired by the athleisure trend. That means they're made of soft, stretchy materials, but still look smart. So you can wear them for any occasion: workwear, nights out, or long weekends with friends.

If bodysuits are new to you, try wearing one as a base layer under a blazer or formal jacket. You could pair this vivid green bodysuit with a dark blazer for an elegant workday look. Bodysuits also work  well with wide-legged pants and floaty skirts, balancing out that looser shape. We love this bright summer sunset bodysuit with cropped, wide-legged pants for an eye-catching casual look.

Bodysuits aren't the only 2020 trend inspired by the 1980s. Long, flowing bell and puff sleeves are also making a comeback. And this time around, designers are combining big sleeves with sleek bodysuits.

 Check out this bodysuit with geometric cut-out puff sleeves for an achingly avant garde style. If you prefer something more traditional and flattering, try this black bodysuit with draped butterfly sleeves. Finally, for an outfit that's classic yet provocative, try this woven white bodysuit with a plunging V-neckline.

And for the ultimate in 80s nostalgia? We just love this leopard print body suit in sandy red. It's loud, proud - and it goes with everything.

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